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Hope everyone is doing well. We thought it would be a good time to provide an update from last month’s registration freeze. Since that time, we’ve been in constant communication with local and state agencies involved with permits and public health and safety. They will play a big role in the decision-making process, as they have the authority to make the final decision. We’ve also sought out and received recommendations from the medical community, as well as leading risk management consultants from the sports/entertainment industry. We will collect as much information possible to make the best and most informed decision for everyone involved with the race – runners, volunteers, pacers, crew, etc.

In our analysis, we’re asking ourselves many questions that need clear and definitive answers. First and foremost, can we and the aforementioned agencies make this a safe event for everyone, including high-risk candidates? We need the local community to be on board, as much as everyone attending the event, because they too could potentially be at risk. With participants, pacers, and crew members coming in from 30+ states and four countries (pending lifted travel restrictions), can we prevent a spread of COVID-19 locally? The same applies to park staff and people camping in the park that weekend. Can we keep conditions sanitary? Can we maintain social distancing methods for the entire 30 hours, for the entire weekend? We can’t half-step our solutions.

All of this is moot if we can’t convince the agencies that we can meet their highest safety standards with our mitigation plans. Make no mistake, if we proceed, these plans will be very restrictive in all phases from the time people arrive until they leave, perhaps to the point where everyone is questioning the enjoyment or satisfaction. With regards to participants, some have already notified us that they won’t run this year, given the uncertainty and their own health concerns. We understand and if we proceed, we won’t make anyone participate that is uncomfortable with the current situation. Those participants will automatically be rolled into next year’s event. If we cancel, everyone will have the option of rolling into next year’s event.

The final decision will be made sometime next month. We believe this strikes the best balance between extending our chances with giving everyone ample opportunity to make plans elsewhere. Postponement is not an option for us, especially into the winter months. We’ll either have the event on the scheduled date or we’ll cancel. We realize this puts everyone in limbo for a little longer but that cannot be helped right now. Additionally, it would be prudent for everyone to revisit their travel plans now in advance of any potential cancellation.

Those that know us well know that we work very hard on this race year-round. We put an enormous amount of time, thought, and energy into our events, as we want to give our runners the best experience imaginable, as well as to provide all proceeds to our nonprofit recipient, Chain O’Lakes State Park. We wouldn’t put all this work into our event and then cancel without reason. We know you understand that. But we and the agencies involved need to make the health and welfare of thousands of people our top priority and we won’t make this decision lightly.

On a personal note, my health has been impacted by COVID-19 for nearly three months. Prior to this, I was in good health and unaware of any underlying conditions. It’s taken a toll on me mentally and physically, so perhaps it lends me a different perspective than most as to what’s at risk.

Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions.



2021 Race Date – The 2021 Indiana Trail 100 (IT100) will take place at Chain O’Lakes State Park (COL) on October 9-10, 2021. Please save these dates to be a part of our event. The Indiana Trail 100 features a 100 mile, 100k, and 50 mile run.


2021 Race Registration – Please stay tuned for further details.


Cap – The cap for the 2021 Indiana Trail 100 is 400 total runners. It is at the race committee’s discretion to determine the field size for the 100 mile, 100k, and 50 mile runs, respectively. We’ll provide advanced notice if we decide to increase, decrease, or close down any of the fields. It is your responsibility to register before we reach our cap.


Waiting List – As soon as the 2021 Indiana Trail 100 reaches its limit of runners we’ll implement a waiting list. The runners will be placed on the waiting list in the order they sign up; the first on the waiting list will be the first to take the place of someone that drops out.


No Deferrals/No Refunds/No Transfers – There are no individual deferrals, refunds, or transfers for any reason, including injury. However, we’ll allow runners to switch from the 100 miler to the 100k or 50 miler, and vice versa, after you have signed up. Please note that you cannot switch races on race day.


Qualifiers – The Indiana Trail 100 is a UTMB and Western States qualifier.


Trail Maintenance Day – We’ll have our annual fall trail maintenance day on Saturday, 10/3. If you would like to volunteer please contact Mike at


Volunteers – The IT100 is known nationally for its volunteers. For information on how you can join our team as a volunteer please contact Kate at


Site Protocol – Our website and Facebook Forum/Event Page is specific to the IT100. Topics discussed include ultra running in general but the focus is primarily on our event as an informational guide to our runners.
Since we are not a generic running site, we do not permit advertisements or solicitations of any kind. This includes, but is not limited to, any running events/sites or their sponsors. We’ll remove all material, links, etc., that doesn’t meet the aforementioned criteria.


Indiana Trail 100 Website – Please visit our website if you have any further questions about our event:

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