Welcome Ultra Runners!

The 6th annual Indiana Trail 100 will be held at Chain O'Lakes State Park in Albion, Indiana on October 13-14, 2018.

The Indiana Trail 100 features 100 mile, 100k, and 50 mile race options. Please note that this is an IGNITE Trail Series Event, which includes the Glacial Esker 40. The Indiana Trail 100 is a non-profit event managed by ultra runners with the net proceeds going back to the park. We are convinced that once you run our scenic course and meet our world class volunteers you will keep coming back.

The Indiana Trail 100 is a Western States 100 qualifying race and part of the Midwest Super Slam.

Please review the rest of our website for more race details, including registration.


You can register for the race at RunSignUp.

Please note that race registration fees are non-refundable, non-transferable, and no deferrals are allowed to a future year under any circumstances. Each of you will acknowledge this by signing your initials electronically during the registration process.

Further, no refunds are given for dropping down in distance.


There are no formal qualifications for the 100 mile and 50 miles races, except good judgment on the part of runners, as to their fitness level for this event.


Official Finishers
100 miles – Buckles
100K - Medals
50 miles – Medals

Please note that all 100 mile and 100k runners that complete 50 miles or more but don't finish will receive a 50 mile medal.

Individual Awards
100 miles - First place overall female and male finishers
100 miles - Age group awards by decade
100k - First place overall female and male finishers
100k - Age group awards by decade
50 miles - First place overall female and male finishers
50 miles - Age group awards by decade

Awards are handed out as runners finish their race. There is no group ceremony for simplicity sake, as the race committee for the Indiana Trail 100 has opted for a low key approach.


The course is a 20 mile mixture of wide and narrow trails - from rolling hills, dirt, and off-camber grass sections. There will be very little road running on the course. The terrain and woods provides protection from the wind. Most of the trails surround the lakes.

100 mile: Each participant will run five loops of the course and have 30 hours to finish.
100k: Each participant will run one short loop around Sand Lake then three loops of the course and have 18 1/2 hours to finish.
50 mile: Each participant will run one half loop of the course which consist of the first part out to the School House. Then the last part of the course returning to the Finish Line. Followed by two 20 mile loops of the course and have 15 hours to finish.

Start/Finish: All three races start and finish at Sand Lake Beach.
Start Time: The start time for all three races will be Saturday at 6:00 AM.


Cut-off Times / Aid Station Closures
Runners are allotted 30 hours to finish the 100-mile run, from 6:00 AM on Saturday to 12:00 PM on Sunday. Runners must check out of each aid station by the time listed in the chart below or drop out of the race.

The course is marked with pink flags that are always on your right side. Additionally, we have added permanent course markers and wooden plates with direction arrows at key locations.

Elevation: Approximately 6,000 feet per 100 miles or 1,200 feet per loop.

Checked-out runners returning to aid stations after the listed times must exit the race or face disqualification. In general, aid stations close fifteen minutes after the cut-off times.

All Times Sunday Morning
80 miles - Start/finish line - 6:20 AM
87.7 miles - Hilltop aid station - 8:35 AM
92.1 miles - Rally aid station - 9:50 AM
100 miles - Start/finish line - 12:00 PM


 Check out our PDF file with details and an alititude map.


There are five aid stations spaced 3-5.5 miles apart. All aid stations are well stocked with a large assortment of hot and cold food, as well as water, electrolyte drinks, and carbonated beverages. Some gels will also be available.

Runners are responsible for their own specific energy products, electrolyte supplements, medications, and personal hygiene products. Those with strict dietary requirements or specific medical conditions are advised to pack needed items in drop bags or carry with them.


The available locations are the start/finish line and the rally campground (halfway point of the course).

The drop bags will be transported to the rally campground right after the start of the race. These bags will be returned to the Main Tent if placed in the return location at the aid station or after the race.

The participants will also have the option of picking up the drop bags after they've finished.

Please note that there will be no drop bags allowed at the schoolhouse.


Please note the following:

1) There are two aid stations at the schoolhouse - one across the street (hilltop) and one next to the schoolhouse.

2) At the race committee's discretion, we may need to move some of the volunteers to have an even spread. We'll inform you of any adjustments.

3) If you decide to select a volunteer position online but later find out that you cannot attend, please inform Steve Carr at It puts us in a bad position if people say they're going to volunteer then don't show up.

From all of us, thank you for volunteering. You have no idea how many compliments we've received about our volunteers over the years. They are the best.

How to sign up to volunteer
Volunteer Email Link
Volunteers are essential to the successful outcome of the Indiana Trail 100. If you would like to volunteer please contact Steve Carr at

Also refer to the Indiana Trail 100 Facebook page for volunteer opportunities.

Again, special thanks to all of the wonderful volunteers that help make this event a great experience for everyone involved. Remember that this event is managed by Ultrarunners for Ultrarunners. All net proceeds go to promoting and maintaining the Chain O’ Lakes State Park. Your support through contributions and volunteerism is greatly appreciated.


Be courteous and obey any requests from race officials.
Crew must review and be familiar with ALL rules.
Crew members may not use supplies provided at aid stations, including food.
Crew may only park in authorized areas.
Crew may only support runner and pacer within 100 feet of an official aid station.


Please register at the main event tent (start/finish line) prior to pacing your runner. All pacers will complete and sign a medical and release form. If a pacer is under 18 years old they will need a guardian to sign on their behalf.

Pacers are ONLY allowed for the 100 mile and 100k after 40 miles. No pacer allowed in the 50 mile race.
Only one pacer with Runner at any given time.
Pacers will stay with Runner at all times, no running ahead to fill bottles, get food, get drop bag
Pacers are a companion, not a mule for runner supplies.
Pacers must wear a pacer bib.

There will be no charge for pacers in this event and each will have full access to each aid station. Please note that pacers will not be eligible for any medals, as they are not considered official runners.